Running drills are important for a runner as they help to improve a runner's stride length, stride frequncy, running technique, form, physical resiliency, etc.

Ryan Ponsonby (coach of Olympic Silver Medalist, Leo Manazon) takes you through a series of running drilles aimed to help with all.  

Here he has former Cal standout and outright running superstar, David Torrence, demonstrate two important running drills:

David Torrence shows Fast Leg Cycle Running Drill
Torrence shows the fast leg cycle.  He takes a half step in between each running motion replication, but he is isolating each leg (alternatively during the drill) to emphasize form and control over each.  Knees should always be high with heels kicking towards the butt.

David Torrence shows High Knees Running Drill
Torrence demonstrates high knees here.  High knees are used to increase leg turnovers and improve knee lift.  This is a great drill for increasing strength in your hip flexors.  Upright form should be maintained the entire time.  

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