Don Babbitt is easily one of the most, "premier throws coaches in the track and field world." Under his tutelage, Georgia throwers have earned "Six NCAA titles, 16 All-American honors and 12 SEC crowns during the past six seasons."  The man understands the sport like few others, his attention to detail is highly admirable, and the workouts he's developed to supplement training for his throwers are outstanding.  He has a variety of top-notch exercise aimed at helping throwers produce strength in throw-oriented muscles, but I really like his medicine ball workout.  Try these two exercise as they will surely help to supplement your throw training throughout the season:

The Overhead Ball Throw

This is a great throwing drill, and coach Babbitt emphasizes using medicine ball workouts like this one to work both sides of the body. He notes that training/overtraining just one side of the body can actually produce deficiencies in other parts of the body.  This exercise is set to make sure that such deficiencies do not occur.  

Explosive Med Ball Throw Exercise from the Ground 
This medicine ball workout is an explosive exercise that is meant to work the hip and core muscles as well as the shoulders. This exercise should mimic the same type of muscular movement that occurs at the end of a javelin throw.

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