He just may be the greatest all-around athlete in the world.  Decathlete, Trey Hardee, set the tone in college at the University of Texas-Austin by winning an NCAA Championship as well as setting the NCAA d1 record for points in the decathalon in 2006 (8,465 pts). From there, he would go on to win two world championships in the event, an Olympic silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics -and a world silver medal in the heptathalon to boot!  

His workout regimen is intense, precise and wholly effective in elevating Trey's game higher than almost any other athlete in the world.  Previously we were able to get some Flotrack Pro videos from Trey as he would break down and demonstrate a variety of the drills and routines he would implement into his training.  

We have something different here though -something better!  With these videos, you get to see Hardee as he progresses his training through an entire workout.  These demonstrations and tutorials are not in a vacuum.  Each video connects to another in the workout -from Trey's warm up to his speed session workout and more!  You get to see the first time Trey has put on spikes since the Olympics, you get to hear Trey not only break down the rationale behind doing each exercise but you also get to hear Trey's mindset during race day, you get a lot!

Here is a small sampling of some of the new videos we were able to get from the man himself, Trey Hardee:

Trey Hardee's First Time Putting On Spikes Since the Olympics

Trey's Broomstick vs Noodle Analogy for Firing Out of the Blocks
Trey gives an amazing analogy about staying tight out of the blocks: he says that if you try to push a broomstick, that broomstick is going to move forward in what ever direction you try to push it, but if you try to push a cooked noodle, the noodle is going to crumple up and go whichever direction it wants.  He says that his feet on the pads are like the back of his broomstick so for him to go forward as quick and efficiently as possible, he needs to stay as tight and rigid as possible.

Resistance Training: the Sled Pull (shown from 3 angles)

Trey Calls on His Body to Fire at the End of A Workout
Towards the end of his workout, Trey is still calling on his body to fire.  He mentions really having to focus and be more purposeful with these exercises later in his workout because his body is obviously worn down at a time when he needs to be putting out max effort.  He makes sure that his technique here is perfect, matter how fatigued he may be.


HEADS UP: We have much more NEW Flotrack Pro on the way!  Trey Hardee is only the beginning.  We will be updating the Pro library with athletes and workouts throughout the season! 

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