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    Amy Hastings Loves Going to Battle in the Marathon


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    Why do people run marathons? For some, it's because they want to justify their Gu diet or want something to brag about to friends. For other athletes like Amy Hastings, it's simply because they love it. Brooks athlete and U.S. Olympian Amy Hastings is bringing her love for the distance to NYC.

    Our math is a bit shabby, but halves are supposed to be two equal parts of a whole. The marathon isn't about math; it has its own rules. The first half of the marathon is 20 miles and the second half is the last 6.2.

    In that last 10k, you'll either run a personal best, become a champion, or book yourself a one-way ticket to Bonkville, population: You. If you want to avoid that last option, follow Amy's advice as she prepares for the NYC marathon.

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