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    FloHouse reaction to Leo Manzano silver medal - Most Memorable Moment, Best of 2012


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    Flotrack's Most Memorable Moment, Best of 2012 - Watching men's 1500 final in London!

    (August 7, 2012) - This is a video of the Flocasts crew (Flotrack, Flowrestling, Cyclingdirt and Gymnastike) all together watching the men's 1500 meter final. Flocasts started in Austin where Leo Manzano lives and trains. Mark Floreani, the founder of Flotrack, was a teammate of Leo's at the University of Texas. Texas along with Leo was one of the first programs and athletes to open there doors to Flotrack. In addition Leo's coach, Ryan Ponsonby, was Mark's partner in crime from day one of Flotrack as they drove around the country getting the first videos anyone ever saw on the site. Since then we have been there almost every step of the way from traveling with Leo, filming workouts, actually pacing Leo in his workouts and celebrating specials occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc...). As we grew closer to Leo throughout his career we understood how much the Olympic dream meant to him. And as you can see in the video, it wasn't only the lovers of track & field....everyone in the company who knew Leo understand. The emotions in the room we something like we had never felt before and it is a moment we won't ever forget.

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