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    Day 3 - Belgium


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    Today was great because we traveled away from the Paris airport. You can watch the my video about the travelling so I will focus my written blog on the meet. The race tonight was exactly what i thought small European meets were like. When you think of low key meets in Europe where people run fast this was it. Walking into the meet it just felt different then a USA meet people were dressed nice drinking wine and beer out of glasses chilling on picnic benches looking over the track. There was a VIP section with really good food. People always told me that these meets were social events and now i know why. It was the thing to do, a lot of people were not really there for the meet but for the company of others. The fans would cheer but you could tell everyone was just satisfied sitting near the track as the sun fell behind the trees drinking their beer. I talked Alan Webb into calling the 1500s with me and you can hear him cheering on Solinsky as he comes down the home stretch when he set a huge PR. I also filmed a couple 800s and walked around doing some interviews. After all the meets I find my way into a meal ticket and head into the dinning hall where all the athletes, managers and coaches mingle after the meet. Tonight was a real chill dinner as Solinsky, Mcwilliams, Cook and others ate some really good food and hung out for an hour or so after everyone was done competing. Again I find myself typing at 3:30 in the morning and I will have to head out early to our next destination to Lausanne via Brussels and Paris.

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