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    Day 5 - Lausanne


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    I thought the first 4 days were hectic, but nothing as compared to day 5. I shot probably 300 mins of film. I think I spent more of the day looking at the beautiful city of Lausanne through my different cameras then with my own eyes. the day started off with me following around the young 110 hurdler Aries Merrit. I went to the track with him and filmed his warm up and talked about college station, the food, the iphone, and life on the road. He is a really chilled dude and offered me some japanimation, when i have time to watch i will. Right after hurdle practice i went to H&M with Sarah Jamieson, her hubby, or should i say soon to be hubby Jai, Steve Hooker, the Australian Pole Vaulter and my girl Jennifer Thomas, who has saved me from a couple disasters so far.

    After H&M I went to the track again. I went by cab and met a cool econ student who drives during the summer. We talked about America and Great America theme park, which is next to my house in Chicago. He would not let me tip him and since I am supposedly a trust fund baby this made me very embarrassed. By the time I got back to the Hotel after shooting at the track for the second time I got myself a meal ticket and hit the buffet. You can watch the video about that, but I must say the Ice cream here is ridiculous! I ate with the American distance runners, Chris Lukezic and Kevin Sullivan, who most of us take as our own anyway. It has been a long day, but I am getting to bed fairly early, its only 2, so I'm pumped and I will talk to you mañana.

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