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    Day 19 - The 800


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    Flotrack Lueven 800 Video is Here.

    The Leuven 800 - July 27th at 14:00 the highlight of the summer! Some people think I came over just to get Alan Webb's race at history, but that is not the case. I came over to Europe for one reason, the Leuven 800. Terrence Mahon has been talking a lot of trash since we met in Boston for the marathon. Andrew Kastor has been keeping it low key with secret workouts in the middle of the night and Brad Yewer forgot to take his training shoes to Greece. Anyway the race is on Friday and I want your guys predictions. Who do you think is going to win and in what time? Talk to you guys later.

    If you get the winner and are the closest with the time I will send you a Flotrack shirt.

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