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    Day 25


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    Sorry for the short video but today was a long day. Andrew Carlson and I headed to the airport together at 7 in the morning after getting back from Heusden late on Saturday. I had a lot of fun the last 25 days and I could not of kept up the blog without all your support. It was hard work but well worth it. I learned, experienced new cultures and met a ton of great people. I will try to get a little recap video done here in the next couple days. I am in Austin so I think I will try to get a Leo Manzano workout, so look for that. I will be heading to Osaka and I'm thinking I will try to do something similar if you guys want. Tell me what you liked and didn't and I will try to make Osaka better. I think I am going to sleep for a couple days. I will talk to ya'll soon.

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