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    I just wanted to say thanks to all the athletes and coaches. I tried to get as many of them in the video as possible but I know I missed a few so I wanted to thanks some of the people you did not see in the video. Jen Rhines and Stephen Haas for helping do some play by play, Kate O'Neill, Mary Cullen, Roisin McGettigan, Molly Huddle, New Zealand dudes, David Krumenacker, Reid Coolsiet, Eric Gillis, Paul Morrison, Steve Sherer, Chris Layne, Andy Stubbs, Ray Flynn, Aaron Aguayo, Brian Olinger, Chris Lukezic, Alistair Cragg, Aries Merrit, Sarah Jamieson, Steve Hooker, Alyssa Aiken, Aries Merrit, Wallace Spearmon, Demi Omole, aaaaaaahhhhhh I know I am still missing some people and I apologize if I missed you.

    And please do spread the word, we want your music
    , and lots of it, if you, your friends, someone in your family play in a band we would like to use it in our videos. We will put your name up and link back to you. We love all kinds of music, dont hesitate to shoot us an email at Or use the Contact Form. Anyway I had a great time and I cannot wait until Osaka. 17 days!
    Thanks again,

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