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    Osaka Credentials (Josh McAdams)


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    So I got the first Video up from Osaka. It has a lot of me, sorry about that, but I was mostly by myself the last two days. You can win the official IAAF gift bag by guessing Josh McAdams time in his steeple prelim on Sunday. To guess you have to be a member so we don't have people guessing 100 times. Membership only takes a second and once your a member you can comment on blogs and add tags and be friends with the pros. Sign Up Here To Comment. The Championships start tomorrow and I can't tell you guys enough that your comments on the competitors blogs and profile pages are huge! Alright I will try to get some interviews tomorrow. Couple things to clarify. In case of a tie, the oldest entry wins. And say josh runs 8:25.3 and there were 2 predictions 8:25.2 and 8:25.4, 8:25.4 wins.

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