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    St. Nick


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    Nick Willis, who just finished 10th in the World in the 1500 meters, and I talked about his race and all the gear he gets and doesn't really need. I convinced him, which was not too hard, to give away his gear and a pair of signed shoes. Nick decided that whoever guessed the winning time of the Women's 1500 meter final on Sunday will win his bag full of gear. Nick is also going to give away a signed pair of NZ spikes to the person who picks the winner of the big three in the Men's 5k and their time. So basically pick one of the big three (Craig Mottram, Bernard Lagat, Tariku Bekele) that you think is going to win and the time. If you want to guess and have a chance to win the gear or the shoes sign in and guess. Sign in or sign up and Good Luck

    Music is by Ike Reilly
    1. "Put a Little Love into it"
    2. "Cash is King"

    Same rules as before
    To guess you have to be a member so we don't have people guessing 100 times. Membership only takes a second and once you are a member you can comment on blogs and add tags and be friends with the pros. Sign Up Here To Comment. Couple things to clarify. In case of a tie, the oldest entry wins. And say someone runs 4:02.3 and there were 2 predictions 4:02.2 and 4:02.4, 4:02.4 wins.

    p.s contest open to anyone, anywhere. Kiwis that includes you guys too...

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