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    All by Myself (Who wants a Job/College Credit?)


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    Osaka is a Crazy Place. There are so many people walking around and so many different exits from each subway. You can get off at your stop and there will be 32 different exits and if you choose the wrong one you will be totally lost. Yesterday I did exactly that and it dawned on me that I need some, we need some help at Flotrack. What kind of help? Anything and everything. If you are a journalism major, want to be a journalism major or just like to write, we would love for you to get some experience and school credit writing for us. If you like film and want to gain some experience behind the camera, in front of it or in the editing lab, we can help you there. If you think you got what it takes to do my job and keep me from getting lost.... I am listening. If you think you can help the site and the community, join the grass roots revolution and email us at
    I look forward to hearing how you can help,


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