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2017 Ocean Breeze Grand Prix

2017 Ocean Breeze Grand Prix
FloTrack will provide LIVE coverage of the 2017 Ocean Breeze Grand Prix.
Men's 60m Dash
1	Andre Marcano		CPTC - New Balance
2	Darien Johnson		Brooks
3	Mark Doyley		USA
4	Melique Garcia		Dominican Republic
5	Romone Hill		Chase Athletes
6	Stephen Headley		Barbados/Boston-North
7	D'Angelo Cherry	
Men's 60m Hurdles
1	Mikhail Williamson	
2	Ramon Sosa		Dominican Republic
3	Ronald Forbes		Cayman Islands
The NYAC Men's 300m Dash
1	Adrian Crichlow		CPTC-New Balance
2	Brycen Spartling	USA - NYAC
3	Christopher Naliali	France
4	Emmanuel Tugumisirize
5	Jonia Mcdonald		Chase Athletes
6	LaLonde Gordon		Trinidad & Tabago
7	Mark Doyley		USA
8	Romel Lewis		Chase Athletes
9	Terrance Livingston	CPTC-New Balance
The Soulpak Men's 600m Run
1	Andre Clarke		Chase Athletes
2	Brannon Kidder		USA
3	Christian Harrison	USA/BAA
4	Julius Mutekanga	Uganda/CPTC - New Balance
5	Rayon Lawrence		Chase Athletes
6	Russell Dinkins	
7	Sadiki White		USA
8	Sean Atkinson		USA/CPTC - New Balance
9	Shaquille Walker	Brooks Beast
The SITRAC Men's 1000m Run
1	Anthony Kostelec	Shore AC
2	Bill Looney		USA/CPTC New Balance
3	Billy Ledder		USA - District Elite
4	Brandon Lasater		Atlanta TC
5	Charles Jock		USA/Nike OTC
6	Corey Wall		USA/CPTC New Balance
7	Derek Holdsworth	USA - District Elite
8	Edose Ibadin		USA - District Elite
9	Julian Parker		USA - District Elite
10	Victor Palumbo		USA/CPTC New Balance
The Bill Welsh Men's 1 Mile Run
1	Adam Guillaume		USA
2	Alfredo Santana		Puerto Rico
3	Andrew Wheating		Nike
4	Corey Wall		CPTC New Balance
5	Daniel Winn		USA/BAA
6	Jeff Weinstein		USA - NYAC
7	Mac Fleet		Nike
8	Matt Hillenbrand	USA
9	Mike Brannigan		USA - NYAC
10	Rob Mullett		Great Britain/Atlanta TC
11	Robby Andrews		USA
12	Sam Penzenstadler	USA/District Elite
13	Will Crocker		USA District Elite
Men's High Jump
1	Alexander Bowen		USA/CPTC New Balance
2	Daniel Claxton		Unattached
3	Raffael Craig		Shore AC
Women's 60m Dash
1	Bridget Lacy		Velocidad de Xtreme TC
2	Lisa Barber		Garden State Track Club
3	Miki Barber		Garden State Track Club
4	Robin Reynolds		USA
5	Tahesia Harrigna-Scott	British Virgin Islands /Sabuku Management
6	Flings Osuwu-Agyapony	Ghana
Women's 60m Hurdles
1	Evonne Britton		USA/Club North West
2	Jessie Granes		USA
3	Ladonna Richards	Chase Athletes
4	Paula Salmon		Unattached
5	Robin Reynolds		USA
6	Shanice Grant		Jamaica
Women's 300m Dash
1	Jordan Lavender		Sabaku Management
2	Kelsey Balkwill		Canada
3	Miki Barber		Garden State Track Club
4	Pariis Garcia		Shore AC
5	Robin Reynolds		USA
6	Ruth Asha		CPTC - New Balance
7	Shanika King		Shore AC
8	Yanique Haye-Smith	Chase Athletes
The NYAC Women's 600m Run
1	Alaina Tate		USA/CPTC New Balance
2	Emily Rosario		USA/CPTC New Balance
3	Kimarra McDonald	Jamaica
4	Latosha Wallace		USA - NYAC
5	Lauren Henkel		USA - NYAC
6	Megan Malasarte		USA/Atlanta TC
7	Olga Kosichenko		Island Express
Women's 1000m Run
1	Angie Martinez		USA
2	Brigitte Mania		USA - Atlanta TC
3	Kristin Andrews		USA
4	Meg Manley		USA/CPTC New Balance
5	Myah Hicks		USA - District TC
6	Rolanda Bell		Panama/CPTC New Balance
7	Stephanie Herrick	USA/CPTC New Balance
8	Stephanie Schappert	Hoka NJNYTC
Women's 1 Mile Run
1	Carmen Graves		Atlanta TC
2	Justine Fedronic	France
3	Meggie Sullivan		USA/CPTC New Balance
4	Ivette Media		USA/CPTC New Balance
5	Roland Bell		USA/CPTC New Balance
The Willie Black Jr. Women's High Jump
1	Amina Smith		Garden State Track Club
2	Claudia Garcia		CPTC - New Balance
3	Kashany Rios		Panama
4	Mariah Toussaint	Garden State Track Club 
Ocean Breeze Grand Prix Tentative Time Schedule (times in ET)


6:00pm	USATF New York Youth Girls 4 x 400 Meter Relay (13-14 year age group)
6:05pm	USATF New York Youth Boys 4 x 400 Meter Relay (13-14 year age group)
6:10pm	USATF New York Youth Girls Mile Run (11-12 year age group)
6:20pm	USATF New York Youth Boys Mile Run (11-12 year age group)
6:25pm	John P Prendergast CHSAA Girls 4 x 800 Meter Relay
6:50pm	Women's 60 Meter Hurdles
7:00pm	Men's 60 Meter Hurdles
7:05pm	NYC Parks Fastest Kid in Staten Island Girls 55 Meter Dash (7-8 year age group)
7:10pm	NYC Parks Fastest Kid in Staten Island Boys 55 Meter Dash (7-8 year age group)
7:15pm	Solepack Women's 60 Meter Dash
7:20pm	Men's 60 Meter Dash
7:30pm	USATF New York Women's 1,000 Meter Run
7:40pm	Rasta Returns Women's 300 Meter Dash
7:50pm	NYAC Men's 300 Meter Dash
7:55pm	SITRAC Men's 1,000 Meter Run
8:00pm	George Kochman Staten Island High School Girls 4 x 200 Meter Relay
8:05pm	Jim Hughes Staten Island High School Boys 4 x 200 Meter Relay
8:10pm	NYAC Women's 600 Meter Run
8:20pm	Flotrack Men's 600 Meter Run
8:25pm	Flotrack Women's Mile
8:30pm	HOOPH Youth Girls 4 x 200 Meter Relay (9-10 age group)
8:35pm	Edward J J Bowes CHSAA Girls 4 x 200 Meter Relay
8:40pm	HOOPH Youth Boys 4 x 200 Meter Relay (9-10 age group)
8:45pm	Donal F Buckley CHSAA Boys 4 x 200 Meter Relay
8:50pm	Opening Ceremony - National Anthem
9:00pm	George T Eastment CHSAA Boys 4 x 800 Meter Relay
9:10pm	The Bill Welsh Men's Mile

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Prize Money and Awards

The event will be offering prize money in the following events for Men & Women

Event			1st	2nd	3rd
60 Meter Dash		$1000	$500	$200
60 Meter Hurdles	$1000	$500	$200
300 Meter Dash		$1000	$500	$200
600 Meter Dash		$1000	$500	$200
1000 Meter Dash		$1000	$500	$200
1 Mile Run*		$1000	$500	$200
High Jump		$1000	$500	$200
Pole Vault		$1000	$500	$200
4 X 800m Relay		$1000	$500	$200

*Bonus Money - In the Men's and Women's Mile we are offering a bonus of $2,5000 to the winner if the facility record is broken.

As of January 23, 2017 the facility records are:
Colby Alexander 3:75.74 - New York/New Jersey Track Club
Angel Piccirillo 4:36.00 - Villanova University

In all youth and high school races the top 3 finishers in each event will receive custom Ocean Breeze Grand Prix medals.
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