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How to earn points?

Flotrack exists because we know running/t&f is the greatest sport in the world and it doesn't get a fraction of the media attention we need. Flotrack has built a platform for the community to use their passion for the sport and give them the power to do what runners do best: Take our future into our own hands!
In the dark ages, runners and their hundreds of thousands of fans had to beg the major media outlets and newspapers to give our sport ANY coverage. They would throw us a buried article on the back page or a broadcast once a year buried by the hundreds and thousands of professional football basketball and baseball features. 
Flotrack has built a place to use our passion for the sport and organize it to do what runners do best: Take our future into their own hands. 
Who is a contributor?
You! The great thing about Flotrack is that anyone can create and spread great track and field/running content to through their community. All you need to do is login to Flotrack and add your content today!
How it works?
You upload content (i.e. videos, blogs & photos) that excites you and the runners you know. Contributors will be awarded points for every piece of content added to Flotrack. The best way to gain points is by creating content that engages the community and spreads to the masses! The more views, "likes", "tweets" and conversation built around your content the more points you're rewarded!
The content that is most engaging within the community will become a main feature on Flotrack!  And the more points you get the better chance you have of winning prizes from Flotrack.
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