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2012 Kolas Calculator Final Release
November 9, 2012 - Find out who's into the NCAA Championships!

Featured Video: Women's 6k highlights from the NCAA South Regional Championship hosted by Florida State. #1 ranked FSU looked dominant but its what happened behind them that could have big implications on the teams heading to Louisville next week!


Auto Teams:

1 2
NORTHEAST Iona Columbia
MID-ATLANTIC Georgetown Villanova
SOUTHEAST Virginia Eastern Kentucky
GREAT LAKES Wisconsin Michigan
MIDWEST Oklahoma State Oklahoma
SOUTH Florida State Georgia
MOUTAIN Northern Arizona BYU
SOUTH CENTRAL Texas Arkansas
WEST Stanford Portland
At-Large Teams: (# of wins)
  1. Syracuse (6)
  2. Colorado (5)
  3. UCLA (5)
  4. New Mexico (7)
  5. Princeton (6)
  6. Tulsa (6)
  7. Oregon (5)
  8. NC State (*0 - pushed)
  9. Virginia Tech (5)
  10. Duke (4)
  11. Indiana (2)
  12. Michigan State (*0 - pushed)
  13. Notre Dame (4)

Auto Teams:

1 2
NORTHEAST Providence Connecticut
MID-ATLANTIC Penn State Georgetown
SOUTHEAST Duke William & Mary
GREAT LAKES Michigan Michigan State
MIDWEST Iowa State Oklahoma State
SOUTH Florida State Vanderbilt
MOUNTAIN Weber State New Mexico
SOUTH CENTRAL Arkansas Texas
WEST Oregon Stanford
At-Large Teams: (#of wins)
  1. Arizona (14)
  2. Washington (13)
  3. Cornell (11)
  4. Notre Dame (3)
  5. Minnesota (3)
  6. Butler (*0 - pushed)
  7. Toledo (3)
  8. Harvard (*0 - pushed)
  9. Boston College (3)
  10. Georgia (*0 - pushed)
  11. Florida (2)
  12. Villanova (2)
  13. Colorado (1)

The Kolas Calculator is your tool to find out what teams will qualify for the NCAA Championships on Saturday, November 17th in Louisville. Through the regular season, Kolas is based off of projected regional finishes and teams that have currently competed in XC competition. As more teams compete and as teams projected outside of the top two in their region beat top two projected teams from other regions, points will be accumulated. As the season continues these points will begin to mix things up and create some drama when looking at who's in as an "at-large" pick. The Kolas Calculator is named after its creator, Brian Kolas.

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