About Flotrack

Use Flotrack as a platform to be more involved, educated and just understand everything about track. If you are a runner or another site you can use us to make your track experience better. Use our content to enhance your Track understanding and to stay on beat with what is happening in the track universe. If you're a site and want to add to your content feel free to use ours! If you are a runner and want to add to the ever expanding track library feel free to organize and store your videos in the "my videos" section. Here you and your coaches parents and fans can access keep organized and share videos on everything from your competitions to the bus ride home or just something random like the weird faces Melissa can make.

Event Coverage

Flotrack travels around the US and the world covering some of the biggest events in track along with smaller local events trying to bring track lovers coverage that they normally wouldn't be able to get. We pride ourselves in our ability to seemingly be everywhere at once. We interview coaches and athletes and whenever possible, record all the races and events for your viewing pleasure. We also allow users to create their own coverage pages. We can help with the technical support. The first time is the most difficult but it gets easier as you go.


Perhaps at the heart and soul of our site are our one on ones with the greatest coaches and athletes of the sport. We are very interested in hearing how they became great and what the rising stars think and feel regarding their sport. We love to share their thoughts with all of you in the hopes you become better. Check out our speakers page with hundreds of speakers and thousands of videos and see who we've interviewed and hear/see what they have to say.

Articles, Blogs & News

We have an awesome team of writers and bloggers who bring you interesting news and articles covering a myriad range of track issues and perspectives.


We provide a safe and fun environment for networking with your peers and other track enthusiasts. Users can share photos, videos, track races, workouts, running logs and more. Make friends with people in your community, from your school or work and start learning more about the sport from other people and their videos. Here you can really get into all the tools that Flotrack has to offer.

Running Logs

Flotrack provides the best free logs out there. Log your mileage, interval workouts, cross training and races. You can also associate your mileage to your shoes with our shoe closest, another tool within Running Logs and Flotrackr. Share your logs with friends and coaches or keep them private for your own viewing...its your call!

Team Page

The core to any track program is having the right tools to help you improve. We provide (for free!!!!) ways to store and manage your training logs. In fact our online team system is a great organizational tool for coaches and teams that give value to your team members, parents, alumni and fans. To date we have the top universities and high schools in the nation using our online team tools. Plus you can also organize all your track videos here.

User Videos

Upload your videos and share them with the rest of the track community. You can easily store them in "my videos" in a file format, in your Flotrack account. we are dedicated to track and all our videos are relevant (chocolate milk mile runs are very relevant). Search for races, interviews, highlights, and much much more and share your videos with the community.

Photo Galleries

We have a large collection of track related photos. Search for your favorite athletes or teams or add your own to share with the community.


An important part of your product and brand is the interactive and personal relationship that it can establish with the track community on a regional and national level over a long period of time. We also support IAB standard for banner Ads to get your message across. To learn more please visit our adveritising page.

You will be able to fine tune your message to the track Community by managing your own page, where you can upload videos, photos, descriptions, and links at anytime, and anywhere you have access to the internet. In turn, the tens of thousands of track athletes and teams that come to our site daily will be able to interact with you by watching your videos, commenting, and even becoming fans of your product.