Flostopwatch is a powerful stopwatch iPhone/iTouch application for track, cross-country, and road running races. The application also runs on the iPad.

  • Split multiple athletes in a single race
  • Real-time projected finish times and pacing information
  • Pre-defined and user-defined race distances and split distances for track, cross country, and road races
  • Save/Email splits
  • Examine previously saved splits during a race
  • Send splits via Twitter (requires Twitter account)

Mode Tab

Select event type.

The splits setup will differ depending on whether you select track mode or road and cross-country mode. In track mode the splits are setup for the specific venue, including the length of the lap based on the location of the water jump for steeplechase events. In road or cross-country mode, the splits setup selects the split distance.

Enter the competition name in the text box. For integration with Twitter, use the hash tag for the competition.


Race Tab

Missed the start?

You can start the stopwatch midway into a race by setting an offset in the "Time" box. The format is SS.S (seconds as an integer or real value) or MM:SS (minutes colon seconds). When the race time matches the offset, tap the "Start" button. In this case, I have set the offset to 4min (4:00.0) and will tap "Start" when the race clock hits 4 minutes.

Splits Tab

Enter the names of the athletes for splits in the text boxes. The default names are "Runner A", "Runner B", etc. For Twitter integration, use the athlete's Twitter username, such as "@ryanflotrack".

Tap the split button to record a split for an athlete as they cross the start line. The information for that athlete will turn green to highlight the most recent split.

The split information includes the distance completed, the cumulative time, the most recent split, the number of laps to go, the previous split, the projected finish time, and the average split.
To aid in splitting multiple athletes, the split button for each athlete will turn green 5 seconds before the next split is expected.

Tap the edit button to rearrange the order of the athletes.

Tap "View Table" to see all of the splits for any of the athletes.
Drag the a row in the table using semi-transparent targets on the right side to reorder the athletes.

Hit "Done" when finished reorder the athletes.
View of all of the splits for an athlete. The split for the current lap is updated in real-time.

The projected finish and pace information are shown at the bottom of the table (not visible in this screenshot).

Tap the "Load" button to load splits from another race. Be sure to save the current race first!

Tap the "Email" button to email splits for all athletes in the current race.

Tap the "Save" button to save all of the splits for all athletes in the current race. The race will be uniquely identified by the start time and labeled with the name of the competition, race distance, section name, and date/time.



Twitter status is indicated at the top. In this case, generating Tweets is enabled but Tweets will be sent manually. I have not authorized the application to use Twitter yet. As a result, the "Send" buttons are disabled.
I have now authorized the application to use Twitter with the "Flostopwatch" username. The "Send" buttons are now enabled and are green when a Tweet has not been sent.
Two Tweets have been sent manually. Use the "Auto Send" setting to automatically send Tweets when you hit the "Split" button for an athlete.


Applications setting.

The number of athletes corresponds to the number of athletes for whom you will take splits.

The "Twitter" switch turns on/off generation of Tweets when you tap the "Split" button.

The "Access" switch turns on/off Twitter authorization. The authorized username is indicated under "Username".

The "Auto Send" switch turns on/off automatically sending Tweets when you hit the "Split" button. This alleviates the need to manually send a Tweet.

The "About" button will show the application version and other information.

Is there an Android version available?
Thanks for asking. Currently we do not have one. But we are planning to launch an android version later this year.

What settings can I change in the middle of a race?
You can change any setting in the middle of a race, such as the mode, number of athletes, race distance, section name, or competition name. However, changing the mode will erase all splits but keep the timer running. If you reduce the number of splits or athletes, the extra data will be removed but the data for the current athletes and splits will be retained.

I missed the start of a race, what should I do?
Simply enter in the appropriate offset into the "Time" box on the Race tab in the format SS.S or MM:SS and hit "Start" when the race time matches the offset. For example, enter 20.0 in the "Time" box and when the scoreboard clock (or a friend's watch says 20.0), hit "Start".

Can I use another app in the middle of a race?
Yes, when Flostopwatch goes into the background it remembers the start time and stops updating. When it is reloaded, it will resume real-time refreshing of the display with the correct start time.

Can I load splits from a saved race while timing another race?
Yes, if you save the current race, you can load another race and examine splits for that race and then reload the original race. Simply hit "Resume" on the Race tab when loading the original race to resume real-time refreshing of the display.

What does it mean when a "Split" button turns green on the Splits tab?
The "Split" button for an athlete turns green 5.0 seconds before the next split is expected. This makes it easier to find the correct button when timing multiple athletes.

What are the best practices for splitting many athletes?
Arrange the athletes in the "Splits" tab in the order that you expect them to pass by the split location. You can reorder the athletes by clicking on the "Edit" button and dragging the rows to the desired positions using the targets on the right side. You can reorder the athletes in the middle of a race.

It is also easier to hit the split button quickly for athletes running close together if someone else calls out the names of the athletes as they cross the split location. Alternatively, stand about 20m past the split location so that you have a wider field of view.

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