Angela Bizzarri

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Angela Bizzarri
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Brooks Beasts Coaching Tip #6: Keep Your Pre-Race Routine

on August 18, 2014

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During her 2008-2009 year with Illinois, Angela placed 6th at the NCAA Cross Country Championships, won the NCAA Outdoor 5,000m title, and placed 3rd at the US Championships in the 5,000m. In her final cross country season, Angela defeated some heavyweights to take home the 2009 Individual NCAA Cross Country Title.

  • Brooks

  • William Mason High School

  • University of Illinois

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Terrence Mahon

  • 1500m- 4:11.26 3000m- 8:57.40 5000m- 15:16.04

  • 2009 NCAA XC Champion

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