Ty Akins

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Ty Akins
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M 110 H01 (Atkins 13.43, 2010 Nuoro)

on July 14, 2010

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  • Nike

  • Nike

  • Bainbridge (GA)

  • Auburn University

  • Business Administration

  • January 6, 1986

  • Bainbridge, GA, United States

  • Ralph Spry

  • 60m Hurdles-7.60 110m Hurdles-13.25

  • 2005-NCAA Indoor All-American (4x400m Relay), Pan-Am Games Silver Medalist (110mH) 2007-NCAA Champion (110mH), NCAA All-American (110mH), SEC Champion (110mH) 2008-SEC Indoor and Outdoor Runner Up (60mH &110mH), NCAA All-American Indoors and Outdoors (60mH &110mH), NCAA Runner Up Outdoors (110mH), Olympic Trials Finalist (7th Place). 2009-Was a semi-finalist at USA Championships. Won the Stadionfest Meeting held in Wusterhausen, Germany. 2010- Won meetings held in Bydgoszcz (Poland), Glasgow (Scotland), Nuoro (Italy), and Athens (Greece). 2011-USA Championships Finalist, 1st place at Folksam (SWE), Madrid (ESP) and Praha (CZE) 2012-Olympic Trials Finalist, Picked up wins at Tiger Classic (USA), Izmir (TUR), Ankara (TUR), Praha (CZE) and Luzern (SUI)

  • Travelling, playing monopoly and golfing.

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