Mohamed Khadraoui

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Mohamed Khadraoui
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Mohamed Khadraoui 1st 5k

on June 18, 2009

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Mohamed was a key part of some of Iona's highest placing NCAA teams. As a freshman in 2005 he placed 61st to help the Gaels place 4th. The following year the team improved one spot on the podium to 3rd as Mohamed led the team with a 23rd place finish. It was his first All-American performance. They improved again taking 2nd at the 2007 NCAA XC Championships. He was again an All-American at the meet, finishing 25th overall. A year later Iona was second again as a team and Mohamed improved his best finish by 19 spots with a stellar 6th place finish. He also won the Northeast Regional earlier that fall. On the track, he was 11th two consecutive years in the NCAA 10,000m (2007 & 2008) and the 2009 Indoor IC4A 5,000m Champion.

  • John F. Kennedy High

  • Iona College

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