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Alexa Efraimson
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Women's 1500 (Kerri Gallagher hits IAAF A Standard, 4:03.56!)

on July 7, 2015

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Kerri Gallagher wins the women's 1,500m at the 2015 Lignano Meeting in Italy in 4:03.56, officially punching her ticket to the IAAF World Championships in Beijing. Gallagher had to run 4:06.50 to hit the standard, and her PR entering tonight was 4:08.70. Violah Lagat was 2nd in 4:04.10, with Alexa Efraimson 5th in 4:05.63.

Kerri Gallagher 4:03.56
Violah Lagat 4:04.10
Alexa Efraimson 4:05.63
Florina Pierdevara 4:07.95
Maren Kock 4:08.20
Dominique Scott 4:08.65
Elina Sujew 4:11.06
Cory McGee 4:11.69
Melissa Salerno 4:13.28
Stephanie Brown 4:14.85
Margherita Magnani 4:16.03

  • Camas High School

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