Alberto Salazar

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Alberto Salazar
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Galen Rupp Throwdown Tune-Up

on August 7, 2015

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Two days before the Flotrack Throwdown, Nike Oregon Project's Galen Rupp goes through his normal pre-race routine. This workout includes 4x(200,150) at mile race pace.

1. 28.2 200
2. 20.9 150
3. 27.7 200
4. 20.4 150
5. 28.1 200
6. 20.5 150
7. 27.7 200
8. 19.7 150

Rest: Recovery jog back to the start.

Alberto Salazar has coached several of today's top American distance runners. Currently Salazar is working with runners Dan Brown, Adam Goucher and Kara Goucher among others at Nike. He also coached Galen Rupp to the high school American record in the 5k.

Salazar is best known for his own running career, most notably his performances in the New York City Marathons during the early 1980s, and his American track records of 13:11.93 in the 5,000m and 27:25.61 in the 10,000m.

From 1980 through 1982, Salazar won three New York City Marathons. His first-ever marathon, the 1980 New York City race, resulted in a 2:09:41 win. This performance was the fastest American debut and the second-fastest marathon ever recorded by a U.S runner at that time. Salazar was a member of the United States' Olympic marathon team in 1984. Alberto Salazar was coached by the legendary Bill Dellinger at the University of Oregon. He graduated in 1981.

  • Nike Oregon Project

  • Wayland High School

  • University of Oregon

  • 5000 13:.93 10,000 27:25.61 marathon - 2:08:13

  • 3 time New York City Marathon winner (1980-1982), Boston Marathon Champion (1982), Held American track records of 13:11.93 for 5,000 M and 27:25.61 for 10,000 m.

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