Evan Jager

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Evan Jager
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M Mile H02 (Invite) Bruchet, Jager, Huling

on February 4, 2014

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Event 39 Men 1 Mile Run INVITATIONAL
Meet Record: M 3:55.75 2010 Chris Solinsky, Nike
Dempsey Rec: R 3:54.52 2/12/2011 Chris Solinsky, Nike
Name Year School Finals
Section 2
1 Bruchet, Luc British Columbia 3:57.71
2 Jager, Evan Nike 3:58.20
3 Huling, Dan Nike 3:58.39
4 Quigley, Daniel Oregon Track Club 3:59.59
5 Nelson, Blake Washington 4:01.72
6 Riva, Thomas U. of Victoria 4:01.94
7 Simon, Meron Washington 4:02.95
8 Schilit, Jordan Oregon Track Club 4:03.06
9 Webb, Alan Bowerman AC 4:03.52
10 Garner, Eric Unattached 4:04.92
-- Hurysz, Jake Colorado DNF

Jager was yet another incredible distant runner to come out of Illinois. After graduating from Jacobs High School in Algonquin he went on to University of Wisconsin to be coached by Jerry Schumacher. After Jager's freshman year at Wisconsin Schumacher invited him to join a professional training group in Portland. Jager left Wisconsin then to go pro.

He had success under Schumacher from the beginning of his time with him, but it was not until he made the switch to the 3,000m steeplechase where Jager found the most success of his career. He won the Olympic Trials and set the American Record (8:06.81) that summer in Monaco within only a few races of running the 3k steeplechase. Jager got 6th at the London Olympics. In an event dominated by East Africans, Jager was America's biggest hope for a medal in the 3k steeplechase at the World Championships in the near future.

The next year, Jager won the 2013 USA Championships in Des Moines, Iowa. He is off to Moscow, Russia for the World Championships.

  • Nike

  • Oregon Track Club

  • University Of Wisconsin-madison

  • March 8, 1989

  • Algonquin, IL, United States

  • Jerry Schumacher

  • 3000m steeplechase - 8:06.81 1500m - 3:38.33 Mile - 3:54.35 3000m - 7:41.78 5000m - 13:22.18