Gabe Jennings

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Gabe Jennings
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Gabe Jennings From Pro Runner to Organizing Meets: On 'A Night at The Races'

on August 14, 2010

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We talked to Gabe Jennings while he was at the University of Oregon Law School about what he has been up to. We also talked about a meet that he is helping organize for Competition Not Conflict. The meet is called 'A Night at the Races' and it is at the historic Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon on August, 28th.

Gabe Jennings has always “run” to the beat of his own drum. After becoming an Olympic Trials 1500 meter champion in 2000, and representing the United States in Sydney, Gabe suddenly took a hiatus from the sport. Following, a 6,000 mile bike ride to South America, featuring many adventures, Gabe began a comeback in the sport in 2006. Supported by the shoe sponsor Saucony, Gabe’s return to the track has been very successful. In 2007 he finished 3rd in the US championships indoor mile, and most recently had a strong 2008 campaign where he won several Oregon twilight meets and made the finals of the Olympic Trials 1500 meter race. Gabe continues to be an elite middle distance runner and one of the most intriguing individuals in the sport.

  • Madison East High School

  • Stanford University (stanford)

  • January 25, 1979

  • Madison, WI, United States

  • 800m 1:46.99 1500m 3:35.21 Mile 3:59.32 3000m 7:58.40 5000m 13:44.60 Marathon 2:19

  • 2000 Olympian, Three-time NCAA champ, Eight All-American honors

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