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Nick Symmonds
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Workout Wednesday: Cas Loxsom and Nick Symmonds Sprint Workout

on August 11, 2015

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We bring you Part 2 of our Season 9 Finale, this time with Cas Loxsom and Mark Wieczorek joining Nick Symmonds in Seattle. With the World Championship fast approaching, the boys prepare with a hard sprint workout.

150m: 16.2
6 min rest
150m: 15.3
7 min rest
200m: 22.3
8 min rest
200m: 20.9

Early Life
Nick Symmonds was born December 30th 1983 in Boise, Idaho to parents (not potato Farmers) Jeffrey and Andrea. There he had a humble upbringing, spending time doing outdoorsy things like fishing, hiking and whittling. Later he would get into track and field, where he was a multiple time high school champion at 800m (1:53 pr), 1600m (4:20 pr) and the 3200m. With such accolades Nick was able to secure himself a spot on the track and field team of Willamette University, located in Salem, Oregon, a quaint town known for its cobbler and candles.
While at Willamette University Symmonds would dominate the world of Division III track. During his reign he won the 800m National Championships all four of his outdoor season, and the 1500m his freshman, junior and senior years. After graduating with a degree in Biochemistry in 2006, Symmonds was holstering PR A™s of 1:45.83 for 800m ”which still ranks #1 all time in NCAA Division III ”and 3:40.91 for 1500m which still ranks #3 all time in NCAA Division III.
Professional Career
The same year he graduated is also the year his professional career would start to take off. That summer at the USA Outdoor National Championships he was runner up in the 800m. The next summer he won the 2007 Prefontaine Classic 800m, defeating the then Olympic champion Yuriy Borzakovskiy.
The 2008 Olympic Trials was where Symmonds garnered national attention. In the 800m final, Symmonds went from second to last to first place within the span of 200 meters, finishing in a personal best of 1:44.10 in front of the home crowd. At the Olympic Games in Beijing, Symmonds failed to qualify for the final, finishing 5th in his semi-final heat.
During 2009 Symmonds continued to assert his domination in the half mile race. He again won the 800m at USAs and earned a big to represent America iat the World Championships in Beijing. While building up for the race, Symmonds became a member of the sub-1:44 club, running a 1:43.86 in a meet in Monaco. A few weeks later Symmonds made the final in Berlin and ended up 6th in the world running 1:45.71.
In 2010, Symmonds found himself in a race with David Rudisha in Italy. Rudisha would go on to set a new world record in the 800m with Symmonds being pulled through in a new PR of 1:43.76.
2011 gave Nick his 4th US 800m title and another trip representing the US on the world stage. Symmonds made it through the prelims and semi finals, making him the first American since 1997 so make a final in the 800m. In the race in Daegu Symmonds finished 5th.

  • Bishop Kelly High School

  • Willamette University

  • 800m: 1:43.76 1500: 3:36.04

  • 2009 Prefontaine Classic 800 m - 1:45.86 (June 7, 2009) 2009 Boston Indoor Games 1000 m - 2:20.52 (February 7, 2009) 2008 USA Olympic Trials 800 m - 1:44.10 (June 30, 2008)[10] 2007 Prefontaine Classic 800 m - 1:44.54 (June 10, 2007)[13] 2007 USA Indoors 800 m - 1:48.73 2007 Boston Indoor Games 800 m - 1:48.15

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