Kenenisa Bekele

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Kenenisa Bekele
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2014 Chicago Marathon Press Conference Kenenisa Bekele

on October 12, 2014

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Kenenisa Bekele (b.June 13,1982), is an Ethiopian long-distance runner and one of the best runner in the world.He holds the world records in the 5000 metres and 10,000 metres. He is the reigning two-time Olympic champion over 10,000 metres and the most accomplished runner in IAAF World Cross Country Championships history, with six long (12K) course and five short (4K) course titles.He is the older brother of Tariku Bekele, also an accomplished distance runner. from

  • Nike

  • June 13, 1982

  • Distance Mark Date Location 1,500 m 3:32.35 28 September 2007 Shanghai 3,000 m 7:25.79 7 August 2007 Stockholm 5,000 m 12:37.35 (WR) 31 May 2004 Hengelo 10,000 m 26:17.53 (WR) 26 August 2005 Brussels