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Martin Floreani
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Team Flotrack's Manzano Mile Run Off

on March 19, 2013

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This Saturday will be the third annual Manzano Mile. Once again the Flotrack crew will participate in the "Fitness" Mile Relay.....a 4x4!! The thing is, it is co-ed (2 men, 2 women) and this year there were three guys that wanted in. David Williams (a.k.a. DWill), Alex Lohr and Pat Hitchins. David claims to have run sub-50 in high school, while Alex and Pat says they each hit 51. It was decided that there would be a run off, but Alex was unable to attend. If Pat and DWill run slower than 58 seconds then Alex would be on the team automatically, if they are faster then Alex must run a time trial and he'll have to do it solo. No flats or spikes allowed.

Final Results:
1. 55.50 - Ryan Ponsonby (coach of Leo Manzano)
2. 56.65 - David Williams (Flocasts Sales Team)
3. 57.32 - Pat Hitchins (Flocasts Sales Team)
4. 1:29.05 - Martin Floreani (Flocasts co-founder, former wrestler)

Before the first website, before the first video....there was an idea. An idea to motivate, to change perceptions, and to see inside some of the most successful and motivation minds in sports. This idea was Flocasts. Martin Floreani knew there was a way he could reach people and the result has been pretty amazing. With websites covering seven different disciplines, Flocasts is changing the sporting experience for the masses and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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