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Colby Lowe

Colby Lowe

Colby Lowe- 2nd

Colby Lowe- 2nd

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Colby Lowe
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Meet the New Members of Hansons Brooks

on April 24, 2013

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You've now seen Neely Spence and Bobby Curtis, but those aren't the only new recruits in the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. One of the biggest training groups in the U.S. just got a bit deeper with the recent additions of Jake Riley, Ethan Shaw, Brendan Gregg, and Colby Lowe.

This is the deepest, most talented class that Hansons has ever brought in. Simply put, there are just more collegians running fast. But after college, what's the next step for a young, hungry American distance runner? For these new recruits, it means finding a training environment that provides them with what they need to reach their full potential. The new wave of American talent is here.

Jake Riley (Stanford)
5k - 13:32.82
10k - 28:08.36
*8x NCAA All-American, 2x Top 20 Finisher @ NCAA XC

Colby Lowe (Oklahoma State)
5k - 13:42.60
10k - 28:45.91
*5x NCAA All-American, 3x Top 10 Finisher @ NCAA XC

Brendan Gregg (Stanford)
5k - 13:46.49
10k - 28:54.41
*NCAA All-American (i5k)

Ethan Shaw (Dartmouth)
5k - 14:06.27
10k - 29:17.89
*Ivy League XC Champ, 54th @ NCAA XC

Sponsored by Brooks

2009 Cross Country
2010 Indoor 5,000 meters
2010 Cross Country
2011 Outdoor 10,000 meters

Big 12 Champion
2010 Indoor 3,000 meters

Midwest Regional Champion
2010 Cross Country

USA Track and Field Junior National Champion
2009 Outdoor 5,000 meters

Oklahoma State School Record Holder
Indoor 5,000 meters - 13:45.01
Outdoor 10,000 meters - 28:45.91

All-Big 12 (Scored at Conference Meet)
2008 Cross Country
2009 Indoor 3,000 meters
2009 Indoor 5,000 meters
2009 Outdoor 5,000 meters
2009 Cross Country
2010 Indoor 3,000 meters
2010 Outdoor 5,000 meters
2010 Cross Country
2011 Indoor 5,000 meters

2009 Outdoor 5,000 meters
2009 Cross Country
2010 Cross Country

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  • Hansons-Brooks

  • Carroll High School

  • Oklahoma State University-main Campus

  • Kevin & Keith Hanson

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