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Anne Kesselring
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W 800 H03 (Wallace with the upset!)

on January 21, 2014

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Lauren Wallace may not have been the headline story. But Oiselle's 800 specialist took advantage when some of the big names wheels fell off.

Section 3
1 Wallace, Lauren Oiselle 2:05.24
2 Conley, Kim New Balance/SRA 2:05.92
3 Kesselring, Anne Oregon Track Club 2:06.59
4 Rowbury, Shannon Nike Oregon Project 2:07.72
5 Hasay, Jordan Nike Oregon Project 2:08.85
6 Sawatzky, Sarah Simon Fraser 2:09.42
7 Pahkala, Jessica Alaska Anchorage 2:18.34
8 Bick, Susan Alaska Anchorage 2:22.35

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