Deborah Maier

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Deborah Maier
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Brooks Beast Track Club Workout

on December 27, 2013

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It's time to head to the office and get to work. Join Deb Maier, Jessica Tebo, and Katie Mackey as they get back to basics - tempo pace, race-specific intervals, and solid mechanics.

Brooks Beast Head Coach Danny Mackey also delves into the mental side of middle-distance running and the importance of his athlete knowing why they do certain workouts.

Deb Maier and Jessica Tebo:
2 x 1K @ Tempo Pace
4 x 500m @ Race Pace
300m - 200m - 100m cut-downs

Katie Mackey:
3 x 1K @ Tempo Pace
3 x 400m @ Race Pace
150m floats (50m sprint - 50m float - 50m sprint)

Sponsored by Brooks

  • Ponderosa High

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