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Riley Masters
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Brooks Beasts - Behind The Beasts

on November 24, 2013

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The paradigm between shoe companies and athletes is changing. Meet the Brooks Beasts.

After years of great success, Brooks decided to (literally) bridge the gap between those who design the shoes and apparel and those who represent the brand.

The Brooks Beasts is a new Seattle-based training group that embodies that company's culture and motto. Since its creation in January, the group has grown and are starting to put their name on the map.

Hear about the group's origin and how a simple idea became a reality for the Brooks Beasts.

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Tuesday 11/26 - Beasts Profiles
Wednesday 11/27 - Workout with the Beasts

Sponsored by Brooks

  • Bangor High School

  • University of Maine

  • Bangor, ME, United States

  • Mark Lech