Justin Gatlin

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Justin Gatlin
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Justin Gatlin on Team USA being disqualified from the 4x1

on August 29, 2015

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Justin Gatlin, an American sprinter, is an Olympic gold medalist, with a 100 m personal best of 9.85 seconds. He served a four-year ban from track and field for testing positive for a banned substance; Gatlin had appealed the ban in 2009, but it was later denied. Gatlin made his return to track and field in Rakvere, Estonia in the summer of 2010 where he won his first 100m race in 10.24. Gatlin was a multiple NCAA champ at the University of Tennessee.

  • Nike

  • Nike

  • The University Of Tennessee

  • Pensacola, FL, United States

  • 60m - 6.45 100m - 9.85 200m - 19.86 60H - 7.86 110H - 13.78

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