Shannon Rowbury

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Shannon Rowbury
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Shannon Rowbury knew half the field had a shot at a medal

on August 25, 2015

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A Duke graduate, Shannon is a San Francisco native who currently lives in the city and trains in San Francisco and Berkeley.

  • Nike

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep

  • Duke University

  • September 19, 1984

  • John Cook

  • 2:00.47 (800m), 4:00.33 (1500m), 8:31.38 (3000m), 15:00.51 (5000m)

  • In 2008, Shannon was the USATF indoor 3000 meters national champion, the Olympic Trials 1500 meter champion, and an Olympic Finalist in the Beijing Games. In 2009, Shannon was both the USATF Outdoor National Champion (1500) and USATF Road Mile National Champion. She also captured a bronze medal in Berlin's World Championships.

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