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Did this drug testing finally level the playing field?

Kevin Selby 4 years ago

I do not want to take anything away from what the American team did in Daegu.

However, it does not seem right to think that US distance success at the WC's comes simply from better preparation and execution. Maybe the fields are actually less doped up, making for fewer cheats placing ahead of US runners. I am not making the blanket statement that all Americans are clean, as I have no clue about any athletes. It is clear that something was different, leading to US success, and I suspect it it had to do with drug testing.

Jenny S, Centro, Alysia, and Symmonds had their best performances at this level, but they are no better than top middle distance runners fielded by the US over the last decade at the WC's. If these athletes held AR's in their respective events, then it may make sense. They are great athletes who are gamers, but Americans of similar caliber have not placed high like this as a whole.

Many of my questions, assumptions, and suspicions will probably go unanswered. Ultimately I am pleased to see US smiles after the finish line, and I hope that we are closer to a clean sport.

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