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What Would you Rather Run? NXN vs FL

Alex Lohr 4 years ago

What would you rather run NXN vs FL?

The debate is unavoidable, and over the past few years both meets have been trying to up the ante as faroverall experience goes.

Lets look at the big factors of both meets.

NXN- Portland Meadows, an almost certainly muddy, technically challenging course held in unpredictable, Northwest weather. Surrounds athletes in the world of Nike by giving the chance to hang with some of the best in the world of track and field. NXN gives the opportunity to crown both an Individual and a National Team Champion.

Footlocker- Who dosen't want to make a trip to beautiful San Diego in the middle of December? Athletes stay in a hotel on then beach, and run on a fast, almost fairway of a course.The tradition, and prestige behind being able to say "Footlocker National Champ" comes with some pretty impressive company.

The debate may be settled by a few underlying principles.

Which meet hooks athletes up with cooler schwag? (you know you are wondering)

Which meet correlates to successful college careers?

Head to head which is a more competitive race?

One thing is for sure, cross country is one of the only high school sports that can truly crown a National Champion and for now, its great that we have this problem.

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