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Problem Playing Old Videos

JJ Hannigan 4 years ago

I wanted to make the appropriate parties aware that many of the older videos on Flotrack have not been playable for the last several days. I am not quite sure the extent, but most videos from Workout Wednesday Season 1 and 2 (ex: Brie Felnagle, Matt Clark, Shalane Flanagan, OK State, Mark's NYC workout ) along with old interviews (ex: Tim Broe - Hit with Reality, Lopez Lomong - American Citizen) are not playing. Workouts from Season 3 and beyond seem to be working for the most part.

I have tried playing the videos on 2 different browsers (Chrome and Firefox). All new videos play fine for me. I apologize if this issue is somehow specific to my computer, but if it is indeed a site-wide problem I wanted to make the appropriate parties aware so that hopefully the bug can be fixed.


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