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Eugene: East Bumblef***?

Shane Falco 3 years ago

I can't for the life of me understand why the Olympic Trials are being held in Eugene, OR once again. I get the whole "tradition" and "history" aspects, but no other sport would dream of holding a major championship, with Olympic berths at stake, in such a podunk town. When was the last time the Super Bowl was in Canton, OH?

We have the opportunity to spread our sport to the masses, and that isn't going to happen when the biggest event on American soil during an Olympic year takes place tucked away in a college town in an isolated corner of some heavily wooded, pollen-stained, small-market state.

Hold the trials in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, hell, even Minneapolis or Seattle. Just hold it in a place that is more accessible, that has an existing population from which to draw spectators, and that offers fans things to do when not at the meet besides avoiding panhandlers or meth-addicts.

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