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Canceling Subscription to FlotrackPro/Flocoach

Taylor Farnsworth 3 years ago

I'm trying to cancel before my 7 days are up. On the main page I click on Flotrack Pro. Then I scroll all the way to the very bottom left and click on subscription settings. This message shows up "You may cancel your Flotrack Pro subscription using the contact support form." There is no contact support form to be found so I click on "contact us" on the bottom left of the page and in the 'How can I help you' box I put Flocoach/premium videos. In the 'What's your problem' box I click Cancel subscription and then get this message
STOP, We Can't Cancel over email/phone
Please go to Flocoach Cancel Request Form to cancel your account.

I then click on Flocoach Cancel Request Form which takes me back to the page i was just on. BAAAAHH! How can I cancel this subscription in the next two days?

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