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Galen Rupp This Weekend Feb. 16????

Siskiyoukid 3 years ago

Galen Rupp has pulled out of the 5k in Birmingham as it was cancelled jointly by the remaining athletes in the race and meet what next?!
So many athletes were unable to make it to the Birmingham meet that for telivising purposes and compition the 5k was cancelled and a womans 3k added.
Rupp's agent say's that he is exploring other options for Galen this weekend!!
Galen was obviously rounding into excellent shape for the meet as he was chasing his third American Record attempt for the season in one of his premier events.. it possible that we will see Rupp added to an already amazing start list in the Millrose Games and see a face off 1 on 1 of Rupp vs. Lagat with Jager and Levins in the mix??!!!
The current record holder versus the previous record holder and new blood all in one race!
Sounds to good to be true!
Stay tuned tonight and tomorrow!
Records shall fall!

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