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Knee Injury Rehab

Steve Morrin 5 years ago

Hey guys I'm really struggling with this, so if anyone has any input that would be awesome! I'm going for the Utah State Record this next year (8:54) so I really hope I can solve this problem.

The past two months I have had a fairly painful knee injury which appeared without too many possible causes. When I run, I will feel a pain in my knee cap every few strides which limits the intensity that I can run at/ cause my other leg to overcompensate. I have been to a BYU trainer and a PT in Lehi, and they both concluded that it was probably something to do with my knee cap being off track. The PT described it as patellofemoral syndrome, feeling that it had to do with inflamation of the kneecap, while the trainer felt the cause was due to a tight patellar tendon. Regardless, I have taken the last two weeks off after track season ended in hopes that this would allow more time to heal. I have now started up running again, and four days into the season it feels much like it did before I took a break. I have been given exercises by the PT which should help strengthen the leg of the injured knee, but that is all they do is strengthen. My question is, what is the most effective way after runs to treat knee pain. Should it involve extensive stretching, icing, massage, ibuprofen, certain foods? What is the most efficient way to promote healing?

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