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Craig Mottram back with 13:24 5k

6 years ago

"Stage 1 – 5Km (men):
Ryuji Kashiwabara of the Japanese Collegiate team took off from the start and covered the first 800m in blazing 2:10. Yuichiro Ueno of Japan tried to stay close, but a gap of more than 30m opened up by the time the runners left the stadium for the streets of Chiba. Ueno, Australian Craig Mottram and Nicholas Kamakya of Kenya worked together to close the gap on Kashiwabara and caught him 1.5Km into the race. The leader, Kamakya passed 2.5Km in 6:35, followed by Mottram and Ueno. At 3.5Km into the first stage, Mottram took the lead and passed 4Km in 10:40. He was the fastest in the end of the 5Km stage covering the distance in 13:23, 9 seconds ahead of Ueno, who in turn was one second ahead of Kamakya of Kenya."...

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