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video Predict Haile's NYC Time on Sunday - 2010 ING New York City Marathon
North Central College, Adams State, Wisconsin, Colorado, Stanford, 'Nova.
Agreed. If D2 had a 3k as well, that'd just about assure the victory to ASC.
I'm guessing she's not in Portland during the fall/time when her season is pretty much done?
video Pacific Crest Trail - Running Hot Spots
Really enjoy these; love the concept behind them.
video Made In America Prediction Contest - Men's 10k - Interviews & Highlights from Eugene
Rupp 27:47.64 Nelson Ritz
video Leo and Shannon.....Team Applebury? - US Athlete/Coaches Interviews
Captain Cook's Team Manbury
video Adam Goucher - 2009 Boston Marathon - 2009 Boston Marathon
Aqua jogging to replace easy running is a possibility; however, I've read that she does brief aqua jogging sessions after quality work to flush out her muscles.
video Brian Sell on 2009 Boston Marathon - 2009 Boston Marathon
Fantastic vid. Good luck to Brian in Boston!
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 4 miles21:32/4 miles 07/04/2006 Update Delete
 5 km15:51/5 km 10/14/2006 Update Delete
 800 m02:03.85/800 m 05/24/2007 Update Delete
 3200 m09:15.61/3200 m 06/01/2007 Update Delete
 1600 m04:28.30/1600 m 06/14/2007 Update Delete

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