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video Move of the Meet - Men's 4x4 anchor exchange - 2013 Armory Collegiate Invitational
Have you posted the woman's DMR college? I am unable to find it.
Sandra I had the same problem and question. I just keep dinking around the website and went back to homepage where I started clicked on view the armory link and had to re-sign in then I was able to st...
Well, I guess I figured it out. I had to go back to home page and click on view the armory meet and then re-sign in so now I'm watching it live.
Well, I just paid the $20 and signed up to watch the Armory Collegiate Invitational livestream to only find the coverage has not started. So far, I'm not impressed. Let's get the coverage started plea...
Yes $20 does seem expensive to watch my daughter run one race. However, since I very much want to watch my daughter's race live, I will pay. To keep it in perspective for me, I just keep reminding mys...
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