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Good effort but Mitch does a better job and gets the facts right(see below)..
@flotrack Jonah Henry(Laramie, WY) took down Ricky Faure(WY) by :13 in the WY 4a State meet..yet Faure remains on the watch list...
@krealand It's not the time but the Hills that make Mt. Sac such an accomplishment..the reason everyone made a big deal about his "time" is it took down other times on the same course that we...
Once Washington St. races their top 2 for the first time(presumably@Notre Dame) then they will be making a solid case to make Nationals out of the every deep Pac-12
Well written and fascinating! Always nice to really here the truth about other cultures instead of just dragging them through the mud. Sounds like an impressive group of true athletes!
Anyone else notice that the really good vaulter from France has a younger brother who made the final..he's 5years younger..just turned 23 and already jumping 5.5meters in a world champs final! Maybe t...
@Flotrack  Symmonds is the Oldest man in the Semi-800's and Aman is the youngest..with a 10year age difference..and Solomon is exactly a year younger than Symmonds. Interesting dynamic betwixt t...
@Rob McGaff As Salazar would say.."What has american distance running come to when we celebrate a 4th place finish?"..Rupp's one of the best and his mission is to win medals as is the NOP's..so yea...
video Moscow 10K Prediction Contest - IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2013
3="The London Flop"27:21.43
Centro! Ritz will be in 10k/Marathon mode..Centro will kick him DOWN!!!!
Symmonds, Solomon go 1&2..Gold Silver
video 800m Predictions - The Final Day - USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships 2013
video Running Problems (A$AP Rocky parody) - Outdoor Track and Field on Flotrack 2013
haha, awesome
video Predict and Win Portland Track Festival, Men's 800 - Portland Track Festival 2013
Wheating-1:44.97Womens-2:00. 66
Streaming via internet for NCAA DI East Prelims for Friday and Saturday..starts 4pm(ET) both days. http://www.ncataggies.com/liveEvents/liveEvents.dbml?SPSID=593320&SPID=74508&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=2450...
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