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video B 3200 (5A, Lutz 2011 Texas UIL) - 2011 UIL Texas State Track and Field Championships
Hell it's all good this guy is a beast.
video B 3200 (5A, Lutz 2011 Texas UIL) - 2011 UIL Texas State Track and Field Championships
It was the watch
These interviews and entries are great, especially cause I'm injured right now and at first I thought everything was going downhill, but now I'm thinking "Hey I'm only 19, I'm fine."
video M 3k steeple H01 - 2011 Kansas Relays
For college.... this was a really slow race
Lmao toooo weak
video Lauren Fleshman coming back again - Flotrack's Spring Trip To Arizona
I know the feeling I just had to stop my track season because of an Adductor injury, and am probably going to take a month or so off, I just wanna run again already! lol
video Longest Crack recap in history 2011 NCAA Indoors Day 1 - 2011 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships
Thanks now me wanting to run 15:40 on the track seems like a piece of cake lol
He has already competed at a global level. Don't forget he is also a national triathlon champion. He's been racing global competition, being triathletes or not, for many years now.
With my experience of cross training and doing some triathlons as well, Lukas is more than capable of breaking 4 especially with his very successful Cross season, and yeah Leo FTW
video Dream Mile
Damn, That put me in the track mood. Too bad I have to wait a few months till Outdoor's.
video 5. Maximizing Performances with Age, Thirsty Thurdsays - Saucony Thirsty Thursdays with Jack Daniels
All of these videos truly do help, the cross training let me know what I'm doing wrong, since I do ride my triathlon bike and swim alot, but I only have one problem, I have Plantar Faciitis and I woul...
Yeah, I have a mild case of it, im icing, and stretching, and going to a therapist about the problem but still it acts up every now and then.
video Columbia Last Chance Meet Men's Mile (Heat 4 - Merber 3:58) - 2010 ND Alex Wilson Invitational
Wow. Amazing race, best i've seen in a while, Great job Kyle
video Kick of the Week - Feb 17 - Flotrack's Kick of the Week, 2010
wow that was disgusting. and anthony pena wasn't the st. anthonys 4x4?
This movie should be watched by every cross country or track runner.
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