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I'm an MD who treats accident victims for a living and I can't conceive of an accident for which EPO would ever be administered. This isn't just BS, it's painfully moronic BS. She should have at least...
video 16 2 1 and Beyond Episode 2: The New Guys - 16 2 1 and Beyond
Will Leer running XC at 4:00
Why wasn't Flotrack at Oordgem?  Floeuro coverage of smaller Euro meets seems to get less each year.  It's a bad direction.  Those meets are more interesting than the DL.  I want more cove...
video CALLING OUT LetsRun! - Mark Flotrack
You're all ridiculous. $12.50 a month makes you whine? That's about 3 gallons of gas. Do you throw 7 tantrums everytime you have to fill up your car? Thank God Flotrack is actually covering the sport ...
If there is such an advantage then how come not even one of the thousands of paralympians, all of whom use more advanced prosthetics that are even more "advantageous" than Oscar's, can come anywhere n...
video Nick Symmonds talks waging war and meaning of Olympics - London 2012 Summer Olympics Games, XXX
To Track Coach: In terms of the X-Games comparison, I don't think Nick is using any of your parameters of success. Yes the Olympics is bigger. Most Olympics have LOST MONEY. No X-Games has ever lost m...
Uh oh. I think I just heard Stephanie Hightower's panties wadding up. "Off with his head!"
video Crack Recap Grand Finale at 2012 US Olympic Trials - 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field
Thanks for the awesome coverage guys. All your hard work and sacrifice is incredibly appreciated. Thanks to Brooks for helping Flotrack save the sport from NBC. I will buy your shoes. USATF and NBC sh...
video Pre Classic Preview - Myrtle Beach edition - 2012 Prefontaine Classic - Eugene Diamond League
Live webcast 7:25 PST on Runnerspace. Available even in Myrtle Beach.
Webcast 7:25 PM on Runnerspace
yes, yes, yes. Speak it Ryan.
video Dathan Ritzenhein disappointed with 4th at 2012 Olympic Marathon Trial... - USA Olympic Marathon Trials Houston 2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVDDhIU1O1k Zurich 8/28/09 Ritz's greatest ever performance was on the track. I would love to see him get all his focus back to the oval.
As a frequent basher of running coverage, especially NCAA.com, I feel I must also give credit where it's due. The NCAA.com live stream today was great. Second to World Cross, it was the best CC covera...
Awesome. I wish NBC would throw out the current crew of misfits and replace them with Hutchings and Fenton. I think that would be the dream team of Track commentary. Of course, the producers would sti...
Between this and the Grass Routes Running panel I can't believe what I'm hearing and reading the last few days. It's so great to see people with some degree of access and influence finally saying thes...
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