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@Learn some manners - It says Flotrack Pro right in the title...pretty sure we all know what that means by now!
video CALLING OUT LetsRun! - Mark Flotrack
I love the calling out, but at the same time I can't help but think it could have been handled a bit more...tactfully. On a slightly unrelated note, I do agree that Flotrack would likely see benefits ...
Will it be possible to do a smaller one time payment to watch the BU meet? Sort of like a PPV deal? Also, is the live broadcast just of the one race, or the whole meet (including all of the slower hea...
Officially a fan now that I know he has some good taste in music.
Pretty sure it's East Aurora HS, not just Aurora HS. But either way, I guess it's a fairly small matter. Congrats to all of the teams, but the NY ones in particular!
Really hope this race marks the return of Solinsky! Probably just hopeful thinking at this point, but a guy can dream, right?
video CU Long Run-Mags - Magnolia Road - Colorado Buffalo Long Run
"Flotrack Pro is supplemental to the site, and unpaid content for Flotrack will not diminish; it will actually increase because of the funds from Flotrack Pro." - http://www.flotrack.org/article/14435...
video CU Long Run-Mags - Magnolia Road - Colorado Buffalo Long Run
I would happily pay for the dessert... If I wasn't a dirt poor college student. :(
video CU Long Run-Mags - Magnolia Road - Colorado Buffalo Long Run
So did this change again? I thought we would be able to watch the basic workout without subscribing? Or does this not count as the WOW?
Kennedy Kithuaka(spelling?) should be on that list somewhere. That guy is the real deal.
Well, now I just have to end up in a big enough meet...
Flo Ratings = Tully Runner Speed Ratings?
article Flotrack Pro
Honestly torn. I love the idea (more resources=better product), but I can't justify that kind of expenditure (yet). However I hope it goes well, if only so that I can benefit from the "spill over" of ...
video Chris Derrick, Kyle Merber, and Craig Mottram - The Real Maine: An XC Series
That was fricken wonderful.
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