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He seems very fresh after running both the 5K and the 10K. Oh wait. That was Rupp who won the 10K on Thursday night in 89 degree temperatures! No reason for Galen to be that fatigued.
@donny5 Thank you for putting this all in the proper perspective! lol
@donny5  Thank you for putting this all in the propper perspective! lol
That's right Jack. The burden of proof is on Salazar and Rupp. They have to prove they're innocent! Kind of like I thought I saw you walking around with a bag of grass hanging out of your back pocket...
Pretty Awesome Eric!!!!
Got to give Jenna Prandini a top 3 in both 100/200. She's fast now, and she has demonstrated that if she's in a faster race than NCAA level, she will perform accordingly.
No kidding!!! And the sun came up in the east this morning too. Beautiful Em!!
Biggest problem with the new schedule format, men one day, women another, jamming everything into a 2 1/2 hour window to get it all on TV live on the two final days. Prandini ran 4x100 at 4PM, LJ at ...
video Emily Sisson wins 5K title of 2015 - NCAA D1 Outdoor Championships 2015
I had a very good idea of how Emily Sisson wanted to run this race before it ever started. In the first few laps it appeared as if some of the runners wanted to slow the pace down and go tactical. Em ...
And the reason for the drastic schedule shake up becomes apparant. NCAA sold the meet to ESPN/ESPN2. They wanted the meet condensed so they could go on the air with a live broadcast and still keep ...
Ah! Here's a good example of "Head-Up-Your-Ass" NCAA management. Jenna Prandini 4x100 Relay Semi-Final Thursday 4:00Jenna Prandini Long Jump Final Thursday 5:15Jenna Prandini 100 Meter Semi-Final Thur...
Ah! Here's a good example of "Head-Up-Your-Ass" NCAA management. Jenna Prandini  Long Jump Final Thursday 5:15Jenna Prandini 100 Meter Semi-Final Thursday 5:16Jenna Prandini 200 Meter Semi-Final T...
Steve Magness spent twio years as an assistant coach at NOP and his contract wasn't renewed. Where does he go next? Back to his school, Houston. Let's see. What can I do to Salazar? Ah! I know! That w...
What's a David Epstein? You mean like Horaldo here in America. Are we really going to find Jimmy Hoffa under Giants Stadium? This is hype to sell air time on the BBC, and newspaper space on every Bri...
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