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Injuries are inevitable. With the intensity of Salazar's program I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Give them credit for dropping out and not chancing further injury. It amazes me how these runn...
video Nike Oregon Project post-record repeats - Workout Wednesday Season 8
Levins is a BEAST!
video Ironman Brazil - This is what happens when you gloat - Outdoor Track and Field on Flotrack 2013
@Rick Arellano How do you stay in your position and "let the race go on" when the guy in front of you is not moving. But, your exactly right, 2nd place should have let the race go on and finished f...
video Jenny Simpson changes 1500 strategy and results in silver at Moscow Wo... - IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013 - Interviews & Races
We ARE proud Jenny. Everyone has to be impressed with that one! So strong! So strong!
video WOW Leo Manzano Post-USA - Workout Wednesday Season 7
@victorious88 What the heck are you talking about! Are you tolling or what? Workouts are what prepare you to run fast in races! If you're well prepared before raceday then the race will take care o...
video Megan Goethals finishes successful double in 5k and 10k at NCAA Outdoo... - NCAA DI Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2013
Meagan Goethals rocks! Best of luck at USAs! ....and she's got to be one of the best tweeters (twitterer?) around! Great sense of humor....lol.
Thanks anonymous for that clarification. I would agree.
Am I right in saying Reid kicks 3 times in this race? It appears Reid kicks to the lead at the 2:19 mark and cruises, then kicks again at the 1000m mark, and then again at the bell lap. So, she appear...
@TrackCoach here's something to think about...a quote from the book "Born to Run" : "No woman ranked among the top fifty in the world in the mile ( the female world record for the mile, 4:12 ( at the ...
Class act right there. And thanks Kevin and Flotrack for all the great interviews!
video Mary Cain 3k High School Record - 2013 UW Indoor Preview
Did Erdamann and Moser just get outkicked by Mary Cain? or....were they just pacing???? Please clarify.
video 2013 BAXC Women's 6k Race Highlights - 2013 Bay Area Cross Challenge
Great job Kevin. Thanks for bringing us these races. What kind of vehicle were you on while filming this, a bike of some kind? Great close shots of both races.
Gabriele and Flotrack, thank you so much for this. I have been reading Johanna's blog, and will continue to read a little each day. I have not been so blessed to have known Johanna personally, but the...
video CLIPPED - a singlet story - To The Core
Wait a minute. Look at Pete Magill's singlet at this past year's USATF Cross Country Championships? http://www.masterstrack.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=47391 Doesn't that count? The logo runs the l...
Just wondering, does anyone know when the last time a freshman won the National Championship?
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